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The Orchid Gardens of Lake Garden

Posted by anak wilayah on December 29, 2009

Kuala Lumpur is a great city and one where visitors are spoilt for choice with so many and varied options for entertainment. Being a country girl, I find big cities drain the life out of me very quickly and I can easily get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle. When that happens, I’ll try to find somewhere clean, quiet and peaceful to feed my need to escape. If it’s beautiful and interesting as well, then that’s a big bonus.

Such escape might seem like a tall order in a full-on high-octane shopping-frenzy city like KL so the purpose of this review is to share my top tip for regaining your sanity. The answer is the Orchid Garden in KL Lake Gardens.

KL Lake Gardens (or Taman Tasik Perdana) lies up a hill over-looking the city. There is probably a bus service up there but the two times I’ve been I have taken taxis. Surprisingly, even that can be a problem. Getting up there is relatively easy – just grab a cab at any taxi stand in the city – but getting back can be a struggle. The gardens don’t seem to be on the standard KL taxi driver’s prowling route so you can struggle to find a cab when you are ready to head back to town. You may have to loiter outside the entrance to the Orchid Gardens or one of the other attractions and wait for another visitor to arrive in a taxi. Then you should pounce and grab their driver for the return journey.

Last time we asked the driver who took us to come back an hour later. If you aren’t sure how long you will be, take his driver’s mobile number and call him 20 mins before you need him – drivers in KL are very accommodating and most of the younger ones speak understandable English – I think they learned for the Commonwealth Games a few years ago. From memory, I think we paid around £5 for the ride each way – it won’t break the bank.

If this all sounds like a bit too much trouble take my word for it, it’s not. The KL Orchid Gardens are worth the bother. They have more than 2000 different species of orchid – including more than 800 that are native to Malaysia.


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