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Things you can do in traffic jam

Posted by anak wilayah on December 10, 2009

Kuala Lumpur, what else can you say about it other than traffic jam. It becomes more stressful because you have to deal with it everyday when you are on the way to office. The main problem is about how we can be patient during that time. Some people find that it is not an easy thing at all. Is there something we can do when we are trapped in such situation? The answer is yes, and the following explanation will let you to know more about it.

1. Smile at other Drivers. Have you ever noticed that in a traffic jam, all the other drivers look miserable? Try smiling at other drivers. If you can make others smile, maybe you will brighten up their day. Smiling can even give you an incentive to be happy.

2. Relax. Don’t put yourself under pressure. If your going to be late, there’s nothing you can do about it. Being anxious about the time lost will just make yourself miserable. Try to enjoy the moment, wherever you are. If you are tense and want to relax, just spend some time being aware of your breathing; this can help you to relax.

3. Listen to Music. Turn up your favorite song and do a sweet car dance that involuntarily shakes your car. It’s a workout and it is a great way to just pretend like you don’t care what anyone else thinks about you.

4. Don’t Plan how to cut in front of the car ahead of you.If you’re really clever you may be able to switch lanes and jump in front of the queue by 1 place. But, it isn’t going to make any real difference, and you will just feel embarrassed as all the other drivers stare at you for you impudence.

5. This one a bit rough but what else you can do while driving. Reset your spouse’s radio stations in backwards order.

6. Text everyone in your contacts and tell them that you are in a traffic jam and that you are bored (this should occupy you for at least 5 minutes plus whatever time it takes to answer the people who actually texted back)

7. Lastly, inch your car forward, then backward at repeated intervals until somebody notices and moves their car. Maybe you will get out faster!


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