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Old Stuff

Posted by anak wilayah on November 7, 2009


While I was loitering around Central Market and some other places in KL, I took some pictures of old stuff.

Old clock

Old clock

Then, I took a picture of another one that was being displayed.

Old motorcycle

Old motorcycle

Ah! And then, I took a picture of these small and old thingy.

Small but old thingy

Small but old thingy

Hope you enjoy the pictures. ^_^


2 Responses to “Old Stuff”

  1. zach said

    think better say it as antique instead of old stuff.

    • anak wilayah said

      yeah. now i think so. the word didn’t turn-up in my head at that time. Maybe I just want to highlight that old doesn’t necessarily unattractive.. 😀 hehe btw thnx for pointing it out..

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