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Tugu Negara

Posted by anak wilayah on October 29, 2009

My 4th entries on “Blog For FT” campaign will be about the National Monument of Malaysia, or known as Tugu Negara in Malay Language.  At Tugu Negara, we could see one beautiful bronze sculpture of soldiers with Jalur Gemilang (The Malaysia Flag) fighthing for freedom. Each of these heroes would represent and symbolize one of the several qualities such as strength, courage, and unity.

This monument commemorates all the heroes that pass away during Malaysia struggle  for freedom, such as the World War II and the Malayan Emergency.The Tugu Negara was built around 1966, and the sculpt work was done by famous sculptor Felix de Weldon.


photos taken from wikimedia commons

Little people known that this monument is actually a 2nd monument. The original monument was build by the British  Administration to honour the fallen heroes from World War II.


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