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Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

Posted by anak wilayah on October 29, 2009

To support the “Blog For FT” campaign, anakwilayah will be writing a series of blog entries about the Federal Territories in Malaysia. I will be focusing on Kuala Lumpur as I had live in this lovely place for so many years. Over the years, I had seen lot of changes in KL landscape and skyline. Nevertheless, some of the interesting places remain the same as how it looks like back then. I will be introducing a few interest spot to visit while you are in KL. In this post, I will write about the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is an old train station situated in Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, KL. If you are wondering what is so interesting about a train station, then have a look of the following photo.



The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station was build prior to World War II and completed in 1910 with a mixture of Eastern and Western architecture design with the influence of Moorish style. It is an interesting spot for all photographers to snap a few photos. You could either take the KTM  and stop in the “Kuala Lumpur” station or LRT and stop in the “Pasar Seni” station to reach this place.

More photos of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station in Wiki Commons


7 Responses to “Kuala Lumpur Railway Station”

  1. […] I am going to blog about Dataran Merdeka. Dataran Merdeka is not far away from Pasar Seni and Kuala Lumpur Railway Station which I had blog about […]

  2. wenn said

    nice..i used to take the train last time..voted for u..

  3. Christine said

    I voted for you as well. great pics! I wished I saw this one when I went to KL last July

  4. I am having trouble viewing your website. It displays all funny with text displaying incorrectly. You might need to check it out.

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