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Dataran Merdeka

Posted by anak wilayah on October 29, 2009

In my 3rd entry for “Blog For FT” campaign, I am going to blog about Dataran Merdeka. Dataran Merdeka is not far away from Pasar Seni and Kuala Lumpur Railway Station which I had blog about earlier. Dataran Merdeka is an interesting spot surrounded with other attractions such as Sultan Abdul Samad Building, National History Museum, The Royal Selangor Club.



Photos taken from wikimedia commons

At Dataran Merdeka, we could see one of the tallest flag pole in the world and a 102-years old Sanitary Board fountain. And let’s not forget the landmark for KL, Sultan Abdul Samad Building which is located infront of Dataran Merdeka. Sultan Abdul Samad Building, was build around 1894-1897 with the influence of Moorish architecture design. Definitely another must go spot for all photographers out there. On a side note, Kementerian Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan (KPKK) is organizing the “Laman Budaya Rakyat” event near Dataran Merdeka on Oct 24 and 31 and Nov 7 and 14. Mark your calendar, and come visit Dataran Merdeka on these dates.

More photos of Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Wikimedia commons


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