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FT Minister Raja Nong Chik launched Blog4FT, a brilliant web initiative!

Posted by anak wilayah on October 7, 2009

The techie Minister Raja Nong Chik has done it again! After becoming the 1st Malaysian Cabinet Minister to have live FB chat called FB hour, Datuk Raja has launched a web campaign called Blog4FT or Blog for FT.

What is brilliant about this campaign is that it utilizes the power of user-generated-content, a la Wikipedia or Internet Forum to promote the cities under his Ministry’s domain. So instead of the usual gahmen style of creating website and then getting the webmasters to fill the contents in, they’ve left it to the public.

And what better way to encourage the public than giving carrots like Peugeot 308, KIA Optima, Macbook and plenty more stuff as prizes. Walaweh!


Must join this one meh!


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