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Raja Nong Chik says Give Umno A Chance To Change

Posted by anak wilayah on September 13, 2009

Raja Nong Chik, my fav Minister at the moment has come out to say that The people especially the Malays should give Umno an opportunity to change.

The Federal Territories Minister said Umno’s leadership was taking steps to reform the party and as such, Malays, especially at the grassroot level should support the efforts.

“We (leaders) acknowledge we have weaknesses. Give us a chance to make changes in the interest of the people’s future,” he said when gracing a Ramadan function organised by Bandar Tun Razak Umno here Sunday.

He added that the Malays must remain united to ensure the interests of Muslims in the country continued to be protected and not neglected.

At the function, Raja Nong Chik also handed over hampers to 218 recipients comprising imams, single mothers, old folk and orphans.

I am symphatetic to Raja Nong Chik, I truly am. He has been a breath of fresh air, and engages the public very directly and consistently, whether through his walkabouts and thru the web. If the rest of the UMNO leaders can learn from the new man, I’m sure BN will regain the trust and hope of many who rejected them last time.


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  1. Menghayati raya dengan takbir

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