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Raja Nong Chik truly 1Malaysia

Posted by anak wilayah on July 6, 2009

Anak wilayah is once again proud to have Raja Nong Chik as the federal territories minister. In the spirit of 1malaysia, Raja Nong Chik dines with the Chinese community to listen to their problems about places of worship and schools. One might assume that these are gestures and acts for political mileage by an UMNO senior politician but this is not the case for Raja Nong Chik. He is truly close at heart with the chinese community. He spent most of his school life mixing with the chinese and is still very part of the chinese community until now.

Raja Nong Chik said most of the issues forwarded to him were Kuala Lumpur City Hall-related such as the upgrading of markets and parking.

In his speech, he told the guests that the steps taken by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak lately was to recognise the contributions of all races.

“He has taken a very brave step knowing that some of the people may oppose the changes.

“But he, who is far-sighted, still carrying out the implementations because he believed this will help the country to succeed. Time has changed, what was done in the past may not be relevant anymore.

“I hope the Chinese community will take this with an open mind. It is not just to gain political mileage,” he said.

Raja Nong Chik said he had also directed the Kuala Lumpur City Hall , Putrajaya and Labuan Corporations to be more caring about the people’s hardship while carrying out enforcement duties.

Among those at the dinner were MCA leaders from the Federal Territories , representatives from the Federation of Malaysia Chinese Guilds Associations, Federation of Taoist Association Malaysia, Chinese Assembly Hall, the Association of Kwong Tong Cemetery Management Kuala Lumpur and the associations of several Chinese clans.

(Source: The Star)

Raja Nong Chik is a role model to follow in order to move towards 1Malaysia


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