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Raja Nong Chik the tech savvy Minister

Posted by anak wilayah on May 30, 2009

Congrats Minister Raja Nong Chik! You are on the right track!

The Star and Malay Mail both carried reports on the first Facebook Hour ever by a Malaysian Cabinet Minister. On 27th May 2009, Raja Nong Chik became the first Malaysian Minister to launch Facebook hour, a session where the Minister interact live and directly with other facebook users.

The session saw lively interactions from other facebook users, and could be considered a rousing success. It becamse so successful that Raja Nong Chik had to spend some more hours the next night to answer all the comments and complaints he didn’t have time for the night before. And until today, the complaints and suggestions keep coming in. Join his Facebook here!

In addition, it seems our tech savvy Minister is not limiting himself to Facebook. Certainly, with two kids long active on the internet, he’s really taking good advice from them!

Scrst FB 31 May 09

He is also on, prepare for this, twitter, MySpace, Friendster and Flickr. He also has a YouTube account and his own Youtube Channel! And of course, he has a blog.

So. It seems that the people of KL, Putrajaya and Labuan has got themself a tech savvy Minister in Raja Nong Chik. Let’s see whether this would make any difference.

Raja Nong Chik’s Facebook

Raja Nong Chik’s Twitter

Raja Nong Chik’s Blog

Raja Nong Chik’s Flickr

Raja Nong Chik’s Youtube Channel


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