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Squatters to get houses by year-end

Posted by anak wilayah on May 15, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: The remaining 4,967 families who are squatting on government land are expected to be relocated to public housing schemes by the end of the year.

Mayor Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ismail hopes that the long-standing squatter problem could be solved soon with the cooperation of the families.

“The government’s initial aim was to rid the city of squatters by 2005 but the target could not be met because of insufficient public housing,” he said at the weekly meet- the-press session at City Hall.

Fuad said 5,660 units of public housing would be ready next month.

To date, the government has built 27,102 units of public housing around the city.

He said that currently, there were 3,668 units of public housing available.

“By June, there will be 9,328 units available. With the additional units, we shouldn’t have any problem relocating the families, provided they accept the offer,” he said.

Fuad said there were 20,000 applicants from the lower-income group who were waiting for public housing. — By Noel Achariam



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